Helpful Tips to Keep the Doctor Away

Quite often, we get affected by common ailments like fever and a lot of time & money gets wasted on them. We take a day off, we visit the doctor, and we miss out on our daily chores. However, there are things that you can do to avoid such common health issues.dettol hand wash soaps

Eat healthy: Make sure that diet is balanced and provides you with all the essential nutrients. If possible, you can seek the advice of a nutritionist who can develop a weekly diet chart for you. Food items like milk, fruits and green vegetables contain the important vitamins that can create a better level of immunity in your body.

Exercise: Some basic exercise is essential for ever human. Even if you do not work out in the gym, you can at least walk a few miles every day to keep your body in shape. Exercise helps release important hormones in the body that improve our fitness levels.

Practice Yoga: The ancient science of yoga can work wonders in keeping your body fit and ready to fight the onslaught of common infections. Practice yoga regularly and also consult an expert to guide you through the right asanas.

Stay positive: Keep yourself motivated with positive thoughts and face every day with a smile. There is a strong connection between mind and body. By keeping yourself in high spirits, you can keep your body in good shape to resist ailments.

Improve hygiene: Simple tips such as washing hands regularly with an anti-bacterial sop can help you fight harmful germs. Especially before you consume food, you mush wash your hands very thoroughly with a high quality hand wash solution. At times, when water is not available, you can dettol india

Engage in sports: Keeping yourself active in some form of sport activity is the best way to stay fit and in good shape. This will not only help build stamina, it will keep your body well toned up and build your immunity level.

Try Vitamin supplements: If you feel that your diet is not providing you with the sufficient supply of vitamins and nutrients, you may need to fulfill that requirement in the form of dietary supplements. Ensure, however, that you opt only for the well-trusted brands and also consult a medical practitioner before consuming these supplements.

By following a good regimen of the above tips, you can keep yourself fighting fit and free from common ailments. This will improve your lifestyle and enhance your efficiency levels. By investing just a small amount on health tips, you can save loads of money that you may otherwise spend on off-days and medicines. Stay healthy and safe from illnesses – have a happy life!


Tips To Improve Face Expression -Dettol India

There is something very important about the human face. It is a lot more than just a body organ. God has made it so special that the same face can show thousands of types of emotions in different situations.

While in the modern age, we have various means of communications that are in fact ever increasing, yet the importance of the human face is always supreme. Human behaviour analysts tell us that what we communicate through words is just a small percentage of what we communicate through our face expressions and body language.

Even when we enter an interview room, a meeting room, or any group of people, it is our face expression that makes the first prominent impression. You can consider your face as your biggest social ambassador that can make or mhand sanitizerar your social image and reputation.

The ironic part is that while we have millions of schools around the world to teach us what to say, how to write, etc, we have very little institutions to guide us on how to manage our own face. We may not realize but whenever we speak, the listener is trying to gather non verbal clues from our face, as much as he/she is listening to our words.

Talking about faces, beauty is also important but to a limited degree. You may use the best of body care soaps and face skin products, yet the real magic comes from managing your smile and expressions. You may use the best of antibacterial body wash and hand sanitizers, yet the best results come from managing your body language better.

So what do you do if you are not able to afford expensive finishing schools or engage a personality mentor? Follow some basic concepts like practicing a good smile, controlling your face expressions through mind control and practice, learning from good role models. It is a good idea to socialize a lot and also observe TV and movie characters on how they manage their expressions.

You may be in service sector, or managing your own business, being able to perfect your facial expressions can take you miles ahead in your efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s take an example. You are trying to motivate your employees and you arrange a quick huddle. While you may have the perfect script prepared, unless you match it with the right expressions, you will not make the right impact. On the other hand, even if you use fewer words, but your expressions convey the right level of authority, warmth and professionalism, your employees will get the message loud and clear.



There is a difference between just living and living with an attitude. There are times when you don’t want your washroom to just be a place to freshen up. Instead, you want it to be a place that picks you and rejuvenates you. And this approach is not expensive, it just requires creative thinking.


First rule is to get creative on colours. Think beyond the usual whites and grays. Experiment with brighter colours and concept based tiles. You can create an entirely new look by choosing the right tiles and flooring. Go for bright and colourful towels and shower curtains to get that lively look from your washroom.

Explore the market and you will find such glamorous alternatives even for the Plain Jane soap dishes, tumblers and soap dispensers that you use in your washroom. The market today offers an entire spectrum of styles such as modern, traditional, ethnic, floral and exotic. You can make a choice as per your taste and the overall theme of your washroom.


While working on the glam factor, we must not forget the essentials. Ensure that your washroom is equipped with the best of hand wash soaps, liquid hand wash and skincare soaps. Go for the best brand that you can afford and if possible choose the soaps and skincare products that are made of natural ingredients. If you want to make your washroom truly hi-tech, deploy the no-touch hand-wash system. It is a one time investment and you can keep refilling it with a regularly available liquid hand-wash. Not only is it a convenient way to wash hands, it is also more hygienic as it avoids over-touching of dirty hands on the system. With children, it is all the more useful as the no-touch automatic system dispenses a specified quantity each time thus avoiding wastage.

Different Type Body Wash

dettol indiaDettol body wash was launched in 2005 for further penetration into related categories and progression into the urban market.The Body Wash market is a small but fast growing category. Its category size was Rs. 16 Crores in 2007. For the last 3 years, the CAGR has been near 30% .The user profile currently also has a slight female skew and the association of the product usage is with feelings of indulgence and ‘pampering oneself’. The category is considered ‘premium’ due to its high priced products.However, trends in other semi developed markets show that shower gels clearly the body-wash market of the future.

Variants in Body Wash :-
Extreme Body Wash : Dettol  products introduces all New Dettol Original Body wash is specially formulated for everyday use. This  formula is 10 times better at fighting germs compared to ordinary soaps. So give Dettol’s trusted protection to the entire family.

Aqua Body Wash : This  Body wash offers the perfect balance between your beauty and personal hygiene needs. Dettol Skincare Body wash is formulated specifically to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on your beauty needs to get Dettol’s trusted protection.

Nourishing Body Wash :-This  products introduces all New Dettol Nourishing Body wash is specially formulated with Natural essence for everyday use. Dettol Nourishing is formulated specifically to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on your nourishment to get trusted protection .

Soothing Body Wash : Skincare products introduces all New Dettol Soothing is specially formulated with Natural essence for everyday use. Dettol Soothing Body wash body-wash - Copyis formulated specifically to ensure that you don’t have to compromise on your nourishment to get trusted protection.

Since ages, humans have been obsessed about looking their best. Even in early times, there were plant-based concoctions that were used to apply on skin. Now, of course, with the advent of modern technology and industrialization, there is no dearth of skin and beauty products in the market.

However, there are some key rules to remember while you select the right skincare product body wash or hand-wash for yourself.

Firstly I believe it is the brand that helps us make the right choice. Since each brand carries with itself a certain promise of quality, we can make a safe bet by going for specific brands. There is also the aspect of specialization. For instance, when it comes to choosing a body wash liquid, you will find that a certain brand has better and varied options. Similarly, for hand wash, there may be a brand that is recognized for making anti-bacterial products and could be your preferred choice for hand wash liquid.

Another important aspect is the use of substances that go into the manufacture. While you may choose a liquid soap for its effectiveness, you also need to be sure that no harsh chemical has been used in its manufacture. You can check the packaging for the list of inputs and then do some research while making the purchase decision.

If your skin type is sensitive, then you need to be even more careful. Check the package instructions very carefully to see if there are any substances used that you are allergic to. Also, there may be specific directions for doing a spot check before you make complete use of the product.There are boutique stores that offer liquid body wash soaps and skin care soap made entirely out of natural or herbal materials. While they may be slightly expensive, yet it is worth spending extra for a product that nourishes you naturally.

Body Wash

Body Wash: Why So Important in Our Daily Life

Gone are the times when success was driven by your knowledge or hard work alone. Today, it is more about ‘whom you know’ than ‘what you know’. Success, today, is people driven. So, even if you are a school dropout, but you have the magnetic appeal to draw people towards you, you have the power to succeed.Body Wash

While it is true that our looks are God-given, yet there are many things we can do to enhance them. In fact, personal impact is more about the personality than looks alone.First and foremost, take the best possible care of your health. Eat good food and keep regular exercise sessions for exercise. Good health not only enables us to lead a good life, it is something that radiates across our body and makes us more likeable.

Ensure regular exercise and work out to keep yourself fit. When you exercise regularly, you not only gain strength but also confidence. And everyone admires individuals who are strong, active and confident.
While this aspect is considered too basic, yet is important. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Ensure proper hygiene. Keep your hands clean by using proper hand wash solution. Keep your nails neatly cut and shaped. Use a quality body wash while taking a bath. Let that fresh fragrance come through your body. You may also use a mild fragrance to enhance your presence. And when it comes to using body wash, make sure you choose a reputable brand and a product that uses more of natural ingredients that are mild on your body. Same goes for the hand cleaning liquid that you use. Check if the product has the required anti-bacterial properties and is soft on hands.

Last but not the least, always retain your connect with the almighty. Keep some quiet area in your home to meditate and connect with your higher self. Equip this area with incense sticks and special mood lighting so that your meditation becomes more sublime. This will create a positive aura around you that will pull the right people towards you.
We must always remember that creating the magnetic appeal for success is within our hands using simple techniques such as good food, exercise, meditation and personal hygiene with quality body wash and hand wash products.