There is a difference between just living and living with an attitude. There are times when you don’t want your washroom to just be a place to freshen up. Instead, you want it to be a place that picks you and rejuvenates you. And this approach is not expensive, it just requires creative thinking.


First rule is to get creative on colours. Think beyond the usual whites and grays. Experiment with brighter colours and concept based tiles. You can create an entirely new look by choosing the right tiles and flooring. Go for bright and colourful towels and shower curtains to get that lively look from your washroom.

Explore the market and you will find such glamorous alternatives even for the Plain Jane soap dishes, tumblers and soap dispensers that you use in your washroom. The market today offers an entire spectrum of styles such as modern, traditional, ethnic, floral and exotic. You can make a choice as per your taste and the overall theme of your washroom.


While working on the glam factor, we must not forget the essentials. Ensure that your washroom is equipped with the best of hand wash soaps, liquid hand wash and skincare soaps. Go for the best brand that you can afford and if possible choose the soaps and skincare products that are made of natural ingredients. If you want to make your washroom truly hi-tech, deploy the no-touch hand-wash system. It is a one time investment and you can keep refilling it with a regularly available liquid hand-wash. Not only is it a convenient way to wash hands, it is also more hygienic as it avoids over-touching of dirty hands on the system. With children, it is all the more useful as the no-touch automatic system dispenses a specified quantity each time thus avoiding wastage.


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