Tips To Improve Face Expression -Dettol India

There is something very important about the human face. It is a lot more than just a body organ. God has made it so special that the same face can show thousands of types of emotions in different situations.

While in the modern age, we have various means of communications that are in fact ever increasing, yet the importance of the human face is always supreme. Human behaviour analysts tell us that what we communicate through words is just a small percentage of what we communicate through our face expressions and body language.

Even when we enter an interview room, a meeting room, or any group of people, it is our face expression that makes the first prominent impression. You can consider your face as your biggest social ambassador that can make or mhand sanitizerar your social image and reputation.

The ironic part is that while we have millions of schools around the world to teach us what to say, how to write, etc, we have very little institutions to guide us on how to manage our own face. We may not realize but whenever we speak, the listener is trying to gather non verbal clues from our face, as much as he/she is listening to our words.

Talking about faces, beauty is also important but to a limited degree. You may use the best of body care soaps and face skin products, yet the real magic comes from managing your smile and expressions. You may use the best of antibacterial body wash and hand sanitizers, yet the best results come from managing your body language better.

So what do you do if you are not able to afford expensive finishing schools or engage a personality mentor? Follow some basic concepts like practicing a good smile, controlling your face expressions through mind control and practice, learning from good role models. It is a good idea to socialize a lot and also observe TV and movie characters on how they manage their expressions.

You may be in service sector, or managing your own business, being able to perfect your facial expressions can take you miles ahead in your efficiency and effectiveness. Let’s take an example. You are trying to motivate your employees and you arrange a quick huddle. While you may have the perfect script prepared, unless you match it with the right expressions, you will not make the right impact. On the other hand, even if you use fewer words, but your expressions convey the right level of authority, warmth and professionalism, your employees will get the message loud and clear.



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